So I have a job interview tomorrow at Old Navy and I need to bring in an object that I can talk about. Well, I want to bring in one of my recovery bracelets.

So here’s the special part. If you live in the US. I will make a FREE bracelet for the FIRST person to message me their colors AND…

I’ll be logged in for a while today, so if you wanna chat, hit that ask button! :D
Question for my Warriors!?

Have any of you ever been to art therapy? What was it like? I’m thinking of becoming an art therapist and I would love some feedback.

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Don’t forget: men get eating disorders too.


The severity of your eating disorder is NOT determined by your ‘low weight’

The severity of your self harm is NOT determined by your ‘worst cut’

The severity of your depression is NOT determined by how suicidal you have been. 

The severity of your mental illness IS determined by how much it affects you personally. 

PLEASE stop making mental illness a competition. 

Guys, I’m only going to come on occasionally. Don’t expect many postings.

<3 Jillian

So I’ve Been Thinking…

I want to be a psychologist and help people which is why I started this blog. But honestly, I just don’t know if I want to continue to do this anymore.

I feel as though I am fully recovered from my cutting addiction and eating disorder. And that the (nonexistent) questions are harder to answer know that I’m not struggling and I find it hard to go back into that place to give good advice.

I’m not doing the bracelets for free anymore and I kinda want to delete my bracelet project blog along with this blog (but Amy will still be on it… If she even gets on it anymore). 

I just don’t know what I want to do anymore. Maybe I’ll make a new recovery blog and start all over or whatever. Maybe I’ll leave this blog and just not care anymore. I don’t know. I need to keep thinking.